Skill development and sustainability

Skills development and sustainability

The plumber, the well digger, the mason, the gardener/farmer – whether urban or rural – are perhaps the most important problem solvers in the water and sanitation space everywhere. As our country urbanizes and as rural agriculture adapts itself to new urban consumption patterns, the skills necessary to deal with changing water and sanitation challenges also change. At Biome Environmental Trust, we consider our engagement with these problem solvers as very central to our work. We work with them to develop new solutions and we then help spread the new skills necessary by training and handholding. In our work we also try to ensure their livelihoods are protected and strengthened. We try to ensure that their work is valued and respected. All of them are our partners.


BIOME conducted a technical training session on RWH at INSTRUCT (INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING OF CONSTRUCTION TRADE AND MANAGEMENT) as part of a two day programme on “MEP Services in Buildings” on 18-19 March 2016 at The Fern Citadel Hotel, A R Circle, Bangalore.

The training was largely for the people from the construction industry

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