inclusive development

Access to Water and Inclusive development

Universal access to clean drinking water and sanitation is imperative for inclusive development. In the Indian context, equity in this access is affected by economic (eg: poor), social (eg: caste, gender) and geographic (eg: rural) factors. Biome works with other organizations and communities to help achieve universal access to water and sanitation. The fundamental approach is to work with affected communities or organsiation closely working with affected communities and equip them with ideas, knowledge, information and connections that will help them to respond to their problems in an empowered manner.

When appropriate or where opportunity presents itself, we may also help access small amounts of funding from individual or institutional donors that can help communities implement their solutions. We see ourselves as catalyzers of local problem solving and as incubators of local problem solvers.

Scania School

Scania, a heavy vehicles manufacturing company has a plant in Narsapura, Kolar. They were already engaging with some of the schools and communities in the area. Water and sanitation were the biggest priority items , given that this is a fluoride affected belt. It was in this context that with financial help from SCANIA a water and sanitation system was put in place in the government school in Jodi Krishnapura, Kolar District

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